Regular sweeping is vital to remove blockages and soot.

A clean chimney burns more efficiently, which will save you money, as well as helping preserve the environment.

By having a clean chimney it will prevents chimney fires and deadly combustion gases are safely vented through the chimney.

All operational chimneys need to be swept at least once per year. 

The NACS Recommends: 

  • Smokeless fuels to be swept at least once per year.
  • Bitumous coal to be swept at least twice per year.
  • Seasoned Wood to be swept Four times per year when in use.
  • Oil or Gas to be swept at least once per year.

The fumes given off by all fuels are potentially dangerous, if smoke spills out of a fire place or you can see, smell or taste fumes, or a carbon monoxide alarm is triggered you should:

  • Open all windows and doors to ventilate the room and vacate the room including pets.
  • Let the fire go out.
  • Do Not operated any electrical appliances
  • Do Not re-light the fire until the problem has been investigated fully by a competent person.

Northwest Chimney Sweep is a small business which aims to provide an old fashioned service, using modern techniques and equipment. We aim to offer clients a prompt, polite, clean and convenient chimney cleaning service.


Our sweeping service is provided around our customer's needs, fitting in with today's busy working families life styles, which is why if required evening or weekend sweeping is offered. 

* ​​The sweep will arrive as arranged.

* The sweep requires the fire to be cold, so it is safe to work on.

* The sweep will sheet the area around the fire.

* Your stove will be stripped down, serviced and then your chimney swept.

* During the sweep a specialist vacuum cleaner is used to remove all the soot.

​* Any problems will be reported to you immediately before any additional work       is carried out i.e. birds nest removal.

* At the end of the sweep a sweeping certificate will be provided.

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